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Janine works with adult men and women facing an array of functional and emotional difficulties over both the short and long-term. As an integrative therapist, Janine draws on her ability to connect genuinely with people on an emotional level as well as a range of therapeutic approaches to suit each person’s unique needs. Janine’s counselling service can benefit people dealing with the following challenges:

Whether you’re experiencing difficulties parenting, facing issues in the workplace, social isolation, relationship breakdowns or struggling with the responsibilities of life in general, it’s not uncommon for many of us to just feel ‘stuck’ at some point in our lives. This feeling may be characterised by symptoms such as apathy, fatigue, constant worrying, an unwillingness to socialise and an overall lack of motivation. Janine works with people to clarify the source of discontent, define areas where hopelessness might give way to hope and locating a path toward meaningful, values-based living.

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