Janine Ayling


As Australians, some of us feel it is preferable to keep emotional worries to ourselves, assuming any problems will eventually sort themselves out. We’ll often confide in friends or family which can be helpful but can sometimes compound the issue. With the pace of life ever increasing, and the expectations we place on ourselves often being unrealistic, more and more people are choosing to talk through their concerns with an experienced and qualified counsellor in an impartial setting where they can truly feel understood.

Meet Janine

Janine Ayling is a friendly and caring clinical counsellor who lives and works in the NSW Central Coast suburb of Tumbi Umbi. Janine has over 10 years’ counselling experience, having helped both individuals and couples work through a variety of different emotional challenges. Janine holds a Graduate Diploma and Master’s Degree in counselling and specialises in relationship problems, parenting challenges and difficulties faced by individuals such as grief, anxiety, depression and issues relating to trauma.

Janine’s empathic, non-judgemental approach is key to establishing a profound and lasting connection with her clients who often remark how truly heard, understood and comforted they feel during her sessions. As an integrative therapist, Janine draws on her experience dealing with a wide variety of clients as well as psychological approaches in tailoring programmes to the needs of each individual.

Janine offers individual and couple counselling sessions from her consulting rooms and also via Skype. With discounts available for concession card holders, Janine’s reasonable fees also make her services very accessible for most people.

  • ``I find myself worrying about everything``
  • ``I'm in a relationship but I feel a sense of loneliness``
  • ``I feel anxious all the time``
  • ``I feel emotionally exhausted and overwhelmed``
  • ``I feel disconnected from my child``

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