Meet Janine

Janine Ayling is an approachable and empathic clinical counsellor based in the NSW Central Coast suburb of Tumbi Umbi. Working with individuals and couples, Janine has the ability to make a strong connection with her clients and quickly get to the heart of why they may be feeling overwhelmed or experiencing difficulties in certain areas of their lives.

Originally working in childcare, Janine has always had a strong affinity with helping people. Prior to gaining her counselling qualifications, Janine held several volunteer positions facilitating recovery programmes for individuals facing a variety of challenges as well as performing various leadership and pastoral care roles. It was during her time volunteering that Janine recognised she would benefit from a greater depth of knowledge in order to better understand and address the problems being experienced by those she was helping.


Janine began her counselling training in 2006 at St Marks Registered Training Organisation with a 2-year Advanced Diploma of Counselling. This was followed by an additional year’s study, also at St Marks, with a Graduate Diploma in Relationship Counselling. In 2011, Janine then went on to achieve a Master’s in Counselling from Morling College. On achieving her Advanced Diploma, Janine began her own counselling practice whilst working concurrently with Coastcare Counselling for 2 years, after which time she left Coastcare to focus wholly on her private clients.

Over the course of her counselling career, in addition to working with her clients, Janine has held various positions training and assessing trainee counsellors as well as speaking at a number of seminars and professional development events on a diverse range of counselling subjects.

Types of Clients

Janine offers counselling services to adult men and women facing a variety of different emotional challenges either as individuals or couples.

Janine’s Approach

Having assisted people from a diverse variety of backgrounds, each facing their own unique set of circumstances, Janine relies on her ability to establish a genuine connection with each individual and thereby understand and address their concerns. She also draws upon her training in various psychotherapeutic approaches as a framework for interventions that hold scope for change in the lives of her clients.

Benefits of Counselling

Whether you’re seeking help to deal with a specific life stressor, are struggling in your relationship or are trying to overcome behaviours and emotions that keep you stuck, through her counselling, Janine aims to assist in a number of ways.

What to Expect

Janine Ayling aims to establish a sound emotional connection with each person from the outset. Consulting in a comfortable and informal setting, all information shared is treated as confidential. If you’re considering her services for the first time, Janine encourages you to phone, text or email her to book a session at a time that suits you.  Appointments are available on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays, with evening appointments possible if needed.

During your first appointment, Janine will gather some background information and will work together with you to clarify your main areas of concern. As an integrative therapist, Janine does not rely on the same approach for every client but rather carefully assesses each person’s unique needs, respectfully holding space for those needs.

Whilst many of Janine’s clients welcome her services for the opportunity to be truly seen and heard, they also appreciate the fact that the focus of her therapy centres on their main concern.

Janine’s sessions generally take an hour with longer sessions available if requested. Whilst she generally consults from her Tumbi Umbi rooms, Janine is also available for counselling via Skype as required and offers both long and short-term counselling. Whether you need help dealing with an immediate, specific issue or are struggling with long-standing difficult thoughts, feelings or behaviours, Janine’s counselling service can offer support, perspective, hope and a framework in which to make personal and relational gains.