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Whilst most long-term, emotionally committed relationships start out with love, respect and lots of physical attraction, over time these can be replaced by feelings of disappointment, pain and loneliness. Thoughts like “I never feel special anymore” and “I wish things were like they used to be” are common. Facing parenting, financial and career challenges, many couples become bored, disillusioned, hurt and exhausted by their relationship with each other.  Over time, especially once any children have grown up or left home, one or both partners consider ways to leave the relationship. The common expectation is that being free to start again with someone new might bring the happiness that is currently non-existent.

Janine’s couple therapy provides a safe and contained forum in which couples (male and female; male and male; female and female) can safely express their view about the things that trigger offences – and be truly heard. Janine will assist couples to clarify the root causes of unhelpful thought patterns and damaging behaviour as well as making space for greater levels of differentiation and attachment repair.

By offering a greater understanding of how each partner’s comments and behaviours impact on the other, couples can begin to build their own self-awareness as well as empathy. Rather than being at odds with each other and engaging in one-upmanship, couples can begin to plan and make decisions as a team – a collaborative alliance – from a place of honesty and integrity.

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